Bottle Cap Portrait

This image completely blew my mind while I was reading Colossal on Mobile RSS (for Google Reader) this morning.

Bottle Cap Portrait sculpture art

Here is the link to the article including the remainder of the images of this piece, including the artist standing next to her work.

Here is Mary Ellen Croteau’s statement regarding this piece of artwork:

Plastic bottle caps – like bags, a plastic product that can’t be/ isn’t recycled.  I conceived of an “endless column” of these caps, after Constantin Brancussi’s iconic modernist sculpture.  One became two, and two became many.  While making these columns, I noticed the smaller caps tended to nest inside one another, and the color combinations reminded me of Chuck Close’s painted portraits.  So I got sidetracked and started on a large self-portrait made entirely of bottle caps.  The piece measures 8 feet by 7 feet.  No paint is used, except to delineate a few shadows where white board was showing through.  In a few cases, the caps are trimmed in order to fit a tight space.

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