Bottle Cap Mural: Greentopia

Look how fabulous this mural looks all together on display! Great work middle schoolers!

This weekend was the Greentopia Festival in Rochester, NY. Our mural was delivered on Friday night thanks to a wonderful and supportive parent volunteer! This morning I was up bright and early and ready to head over to the festival site. Unfortunately the Rochester Marathon had other plans for me. After several detours, and a wrong turn (or ten) I made it.

Each panel represents a different form of alternative energy. The first one is a silver wind turbine. The second is geothermal heat bursting out of the ground into steam. The third is solar energy with a house covered in solar panels. The fourth shows water which represents hydro-electric power.


My greentopia friends did some yoga this morning and practiced making animal shapes

I made one other friend while I was there. His name is Tank. He’s a box tortoise who is around 20 years old. He grew up in a science classroom. When his owner retired from teaching and moved to Florida he was given to the Helmer Nature Center. Here’s a picture of Tank. Did you know that you can tell male tortoises from females by their eyes.


4 responses to “Bottle Cap Mural: Greentopia

    • Thank you so much! This is the year of the mural and public art apparently? Mrs. Morgante is updating the LS courtyard and Ms. Wun’s classes are painting a mural in Mrs. Bjorklund’s room. We might even have time to make a grid mural like the Diego Rivera as well?

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