What tech to use and where?

What to use, what to choose? I’ve poured over and testing out every Learning Management System, blogging platform, and more that I can find. I want to get my students blogging and creating digital portfolios. Last year upper schoolers used everything from tumblr, to google presentations, to prezis.

Kidblog is great for class blogs; Weebly is awesome at creating digital portfolios (but very limited in #’s)! I use a Google Site for my main classroom site, which I will continue to use but I spotted a few others while I was doing my research. At school we use FA Web, or Blackbaud, for grading. It would be a miracle if there was a piece of software, cloud storage, or otherwise that would link into Blackbaud (so please tell me if I’ve missed it).

Here’s what I have tried so far…

  • engrade (LMS)
    pros: Linked into my google apps account
    cons: It’s not very image friendly
  • edmodo (LMS)
    pros: Calendar, grades, and library
    cons: Pretty basic, not a ton of functionality, also I’m having trouble adding students
  • weebly (student blog/site design platform)
    pros: Linked into my google apps account, students can create a digital portfolio and their own independent blog
    cons: The free option will only allow me to add 40 students
  • kidblog (class blog platform)
    pros: Unlimited, collaborative blogging, teacher moderated blogging and commenting, students don’t need an email to sign up
    cons: Unlike weebly it would be difficult for my students to maintain a digital portfolio
  • wordpress (teacher blog that student would contribute to)
    pros: Everything in one place, teacher moderated commenting and posting
    cons: Students need to sign up for an account, no place to store a digital portfolio, not attached to my google apps account

5 responses to “What tech to use and where?

  1. If you contact weebly directly they will change the number of students you can have. We use it for about 200 kids in bloomfield. They helped us with logins and everything. The company is like 4 dudes in California–very accommodating!

    • I am using weebly for my upper school students. I don’t have a pro account though so there is a limited number of students who can use it. I’m trying to recommend it to my coworkers so I can be upgraded for free to a pro account. If that happens middle school will have them too. I love how easy they are to manage. Good stuff.

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