This past week has been vacation; I spent it on the beach in the Adirondack’s. I spent time sketching, and writing reflectively. I spent time working on my curriculum but only on paper. I tried to avoid screens (iPhone, iPad, Macs, etc.) as much as possible. I finished a book. As of a few hours ago I’m back to reality. I have a day full of meetings tomorrow. One for the pilot middle school iPad program. One with a potential new student. One with my department to talk about some new ideas for assessment and curriculum. 

I teach during the year at an independent private school. I teach at a dance studio pretty much year round. In the summer I teach at a school for children of migrant workers. Moral of the story is this… I teach, a lot. I love teaching so much that most of my free time is consumed by research and development of new ideas.

I am however very refreshed. The clean cool air, the clear refreshing water, and the peaceful pace helped me to find myself again among all of the gadgets, widgets, and technology. I hope everyone had a relaxing summer and at one point or another just unplugged. Maybe it was for an hour, maybe it was for a week. Take some time to disconnect and I think you will find yourself feeling more connected in the long run.

My friend, and fellow art teacher Mandi talks about it here, as well as some advice here from the NAEA Monthly Mentor.

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