Incredible Exploding Mod Podge

I received some boxes of my Dick Blick (follow this DB twitter for coupons and offers) order yesterday. A little part of me wanted to wait to open them until I assembled the rest of my cabinets. The small child in me loves that Christmas sensation of opening boxes and not knowing what will be inside of them. That part of me was much more influential yesterday. Sadly, the first box I opened had an issue. By issue, I mean explosion. The quart of mod-podge I ordered had an accident and was seeping into EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE BOX. Including but not limited to Canson paper, watercolor paper, click erasers, and  the sculpy boxes. I did luckily save the sculpy since it was in a wrapper but all of the papers were completely ruined! Despite all of the mess Blick was kind enough to replace all of the items and they should be arriving within 5-10 business days!


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