Batik Flower Drawing

For this project we learned about two main topics,

  1. Batik
  2. Georgia O’Keefe
We read My name is Georgia by Jeanette Winter and learned a lot about Ms. O’Keefe’s life and inspiration. We talked about why a person might draw flowers so big and if she looked at them very close or from very far away. I asked student to hold their thumb close and investigate all of the lines, wrinkles, and marks. Then we held our thumb as far away as possible and tried to see the same amount of detail.
We watched this video to learn about how batik is made and where it comes from.
Here’s how we made these
  1. Draw a flower as big as you can in crayon on the paper (when I do this again I will ask them to make it touch all sides of the paper, or create a viewfinder that zooms in on a specific section)
  2. Fill in all areas of the paper with crayon
  3. Push down HARD! This allows the resist to happen
  4. When all of the white paper is covered wrinkle your drawing up and flatten it out
  5. Do this twice
  6. Collect the following items:
    Cup of blue or purple paint mixture (we used purple) 1/2 water + 1/2 paint
  7. Paint over your entire drawing! GASP! It will be ok…
  8. Use the sponge to start lifting the paint off of the crayon
  9. We used the sponge for 2 classes because it took that much time to clean off all of the paint

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