First Week: Teaser

Well our first week is over. We only had three days of art class but luckily I get to see everyone, everyday! I have over 100 students this year. I was so happy to see so many familiar faces on Tuesday as well as meeting and greeting the new students. I have 7 classes a day and I’ve broken them out into about 3 preps (for now). I teach Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, and two different sections of 7th-9th grade (one ELL).

...but he was still VERY hungry
Kindergarten and 1st graders are all working on an Eric Carle project that uses painted paper and tissue paper collage to learn about the story of the very hungry caterpillar.

Examples of actual batik
2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders are making a Batik flower drawing inspired by the BIG floral painting of Georgia O’Keefe. I was stunned when one student even remembered O’Keefe’s name the following day. I saw this project at the Pittsford Library a few weeks ago and loved it.

5th through 9th graders are working on a Grid Name Project. This project requires the students to think about the shapes that make up letters and utilize pattern in the negative spaces. I found the idea here about halfway down the page and have changed it up a little bit for my classes.

I’ll have pictures and complete posts of these projects next week.

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