No SINK?!?!

What do you do when you don’t have a sink in your art room. What if you’re teaching on a cart? How do you paint?

My solution is fairly elementary, buckets. I have two buckets in my room. One is marked clean water, one is marked dirty water. Once I teach the students the procedure it works pretty well. I demonstrate how to dip into the first bucket and fill up their cup 1/2 way (a full cup always seems more likely to spill). Once the students are finished painting they pour their dirty water into the second bucket and voila! Clean up is a SNAP!

It’s not very effective for washing hands. However when we did paper mache I filled the first bucket with soapy water and the second with clean water and the kids dunked, scrubbed, then rinsed off. It was the closest we could get to clean hands without a sink.

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